What we offer:

Yarn dyed fabrics for both Home Furnishings and Apparels. While silk is the main fibre used in our mill we also produce a variety of blended fabrics using natural fibres like cotton, viscose, linen, wool, etc. The range covers a wide array of products to suit the different needs of our customers.

Home Furnishings
We offer all kinds of colours, patterns, and textures for every design and fabric type. Our fabrics are inspired by an artistic view of diversity: fine pictorial jacquards derived from classic furnishings, sophisticated and intricate embroideries, and daring, dramatic, contemporary stripes and checks.

Apparel Fabrics
This selection is ideal for Bridal and Fashion ranges. We offer a series of lustrous fabrics that capture the luxurious feel of slub silk, plush satin, crisp taffeta and blended textures that also lead to a set of impressive designs for eveningwear. The colours cover the palette from soft ivory and cream through up-tempo shades to classic rich tones.

Stock Programme
We also offer a stock programme in some of our plain qualities and designs. Please email us with your enquiries to enable us send our offer/samples.