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The way we work:

We run one of the most contemporary weaving facilities with all back-end systems under the same roof.

The entire process from designing to production is managed in-house in its entirety.
This includes: Design Studio, Yarn Processing, Dye House, Weaving, Value Addition, Quality Control, Environment Safety & Conservation, and Workforce Safety.

Design Studio
A full-fledged studio run by very talented people who use the most advanced software dedicated to textiles. This is why we can deliver the latest trends with the most demanding, intricate, and delicate of designs.

Yarn Processing
All yarns used are processed in sophisticated machines acquired from leading European manufacturers. Automated machines handle spooling, doubling, twisting, dyeing, and warping to assure our customers that the raw material used in weaving is always of the best quality.

Dye House
The state-of-the-art dye house uses hank-dyeing machines to achieve the highest levels of yarn dyeing. The process, including chemicals used, conforms to the latest standards set by international bodies for colour fastness, AZO-free chemicals, reach regulations, etc.

Fabrics are woven on the highly advanced rapier looms imported from Italy and Switzerland, which are equipped with electronic jacquard and dobby systems for the most intricate and delicate designs.

Value Addition
We use the latest Japanese embroidery machines to create some very fascinating effects on fabric.

Quality Control
We maintain absolute command over the entire quality process. We run a humidified atmospheric control system and a captive power generation facility. Each stage of production is monitored closely by a qualified QC team who run stringent checks before any fabric is allowed to be shipped out.

Environmental Safety & Conservation
We understand the imperative need to conserve our planet. We have an in-house effluent treatment plant and a scientifically managed waste disposal system to ensure zero detriment to the environment. Regular external audits have validated the fact that our systems, equipment, and processes conform to healthy environmental practices.

Workforce Safety
We believe that the backbone of a healthy company is a healthy workforce. So we have taken specific measures to ensure the well being and safety of our people within the factory premises – with a critical eye on such places as the Dye House. Child labour is prohibited with a very strong abhorrence.